Northern California Weddings - Locations

Northern California Weddings 

Northern California has a variety of wonderful settings for your wedding, from the rugged Pacific Coast to the Wine Country of Napa Valley and Sonoma County. Below are just some suggestions of where to get married in Northern California. 

San Francisco Weddings 

No introduction is really needed for San Francisco, the city by the Bay. Everyone knows about the cable cars, Chinatown, Golden Gate Bridge, and, of course, Lombard Street, the most crooked street in the world. But, where's a good place to get married in San Francisco? 

Let's start with a simple elopement at City Hall. Okay, maybe City Hall doesn't sound romantic, but the City Hall building in San Francisco is actually a beautiful building in which to get married. There is a wide staircase perfect for the bride's entrance (as well as memorable wedding photos), as well as numerous nooks and crannies that also make great wedding moment photos. You can choose to simply elope at City Hall, or you can rent City Hall for 2 hours on Saturdays after 3 P.M. and have the Rotunda (with fabulous staircase) for you, your future spouse, and up to 200 guests. Chairs are included. The two-hour rental fee is $4,000. Call 415-554-6068 to reserve the Rotunda for your wedding. 

Golden Gate Park Recreational Area Weddings 

The Golden Gate Park system has numerous venues around the San Francisco Bay Area to hold wedding ceremonies. You must have a permit, which costs $400 (slightly more if National Park Service staff is required to provide services.) Locations within the Golden Gate Recreational Area include China Beach, Eagle's Point (which offers a view of the rocky coastal cliffs stretching from China Beach east towards the Golden Gate Bridge), Baker Beach, Fort Mason Parade Ground, Sutro Heights Park (with spectacular ocean views and gardens), Hawk Hill (the highest point in the Marin Headlands, which includes a spectacular bird's eye view of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco), and the Point Bonita Lighthouse, located on the extreme southwestern tip of the Marin Headlands, which boasts beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean). Call 415-561-4300 for reservations to any of the venues in the Golden Gate Park Recreational Area. 

San Francisco Hotel Weddings 

There are also numerous hotels in San Francisco with special wedding packages, including the Hotel Majestic, Omni Hotel, Grand Hyatt, Hotel Nikko and Sir Francis Drake. 

Lake Tahoe Weddings 

Alpine lakes, waterfalls, trees... Lake Tahoe is truly a gem in Northern California (and Nevada). And a great place to elope or hold a destination wedding for friends and family. If you wish to elope in a simple ceremony, you might want to call 888-wed-tahoe for the Lakefront Wedding Chapel Specials walk-in special rate of $499, which includes a wedding at one their elegant chapel locations, including an outdoor terrace; a professional video coverage of the ceremony on DVD or VHS (although they do reserve the right to substitute 12 photos for the video or DVD), a complimentary bottle of champagne and minister's fee. This package is for 6 people or less. 

Another Lake Tahoe eloping package is the Emerald Bay Wedding Package. You and your future spouse can exchange vows at Emerald Bay, a private cliff edge location just 30 minutes from the Casino/hotel area. The fee is $475 and includes up to 15 guests and 36 professionally photographed photos of your wedding. Call 800-336-3585 for more information. 

Though located across the state line into Nevada, you might want to check out Caesar's Hotel and Casino in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. They have an elegant wedding chapel and can handle elopements of just the two of you, to grander destination weddings of up to 150 people. Their indoor chapel features a Corinthian columns and ivory pews. They also offer an outdoor chapel with groomed gardens and a roman fountain. Call 800-833-4422 for more information. 

Want a little adventure with your Lake Tahoe wedding? How about getting married in a hot air balloon? Adventure Weddings has wedding packages that include all types of activities, including cycling, snowboarding, dog sledding and rock climbing. Call 530-544-6119 and ask for their Adventure Wedding Coordinator.

Napa Valley Weddings 

The Napa Valley is one of the finest wine region in California (or America, for that matter). Eloping or having a wedding and reception in Napa Valley means you will be treated to some of the finest food and wine anywhere. There are numerous venues to choose, from small retreats to grand hotels and resorts. 

Embassy Suites Napa Valley has over 6,900 sq. ft. of space available for your wedding. You can call them at 1-800-EMBASSY for more information. 

For a smaller, more intimate gathering, you might try The Cottages of Napa Valley, which has wedding packages for up to 30 guests. This is a great place to hold a small, destination wedding for you, family and friends, as members of your wedding party can each have their own cottage. Your wedding ceremony is held in a gazebo under the pines in a private garden. Call 707-252-7810 for more information. 

What about having your wedding at a winery? Though you are in the most popular wine producing region of California, find a winery in which to have your wedding can be tricky. That's because weddings are prohibited at most wineries in the Napa Valley. However, a few historic wineries have "grandfather" clauses which allow them to be wedding venues. One of those wineries is Hans Fahden Vineyards, 4855 Petrified Forest Road, Calistoga, 707-942 6760. The winery is located five minutes from downtown Calistoga, famous for its mud baths and spas. The facilities include panoramic views of the surrounding ponds and gardens, and a volcanic ash cave used as a dining room. 

Other wineries in Napa Valley where you are allowed to wed are V. Sattui, 1111 White Lane, St. Helena, 707-963-7774. Neighboring Sonoma County, also an outstanding wine region does not have restrictions on winery weddings. 

Mount Shasta Weddings 

Located 200 miles north of Sacramento, Mount Shasta is the largest volcanic peak in the contiguous United States, with a top elevation of 14,162 feet. California naturalist, John Muir, once wrote that its beauty turned his blood to wine. Now, if that doesn't strike you as a great place to elope or have a destination wedding (with instant honeymoon), I don't know what would. 

One of Mount Shasta's most popular attractions is Lake Shasta, a beautiful, clear lake with over 350 miles of shoreline. Lake Shasta is popular for fishing and water sports, and boasts numerous resorts, as well as houseboat rentals (perfect for a honeymoon.) 

Okay, so Mount Shasta is lovely, but how are the wedding amenities? There are numerous churches in the Mount Shasta area, as well as outdoor locations (some free) in which to have your wedding. You will also have a selection of ministers of all faiths and spiritual bends, as well as judges who can perform your wedding. 

Mount Shasta is perfect for eloping or to plan a more elaborate destination wedding. A couple venues of note for a gathering of family and friends would be The Trinity Mountains Resort, a 40 acre resort near Mt. Shasta. They claim their resort is the only privately occupied parcel in the Shasta/Trinity Mountains of Northern California. Which means, of course, privacy. Call them at 530-235-2222 to make your wedding and reception plans. Another Mount Shasta venue is Stewart Mineral Springs, where you can be treated to mineral baths, massages and a sweat lodge purification ceremony to cleanse mind, body and spirit. Call 530-938-2222 for reservations. 

Mendocino Coast Weddings 

Mendocino Coast is an area of Northern California with rugged coastlines and breathtaking views. Located 150 miles north of San Francisco, the Mendocino Coast comprises the towns and villages of Mendocino Village, Fort Bragg, Elk, Manchester and Litter River. Again, you can choose to elope to Mendocino or plan a more elaborate destination wedding. Either way you will be married against one of the most beautiful backdrops in all of Northern California. A couple venues of note are: 

The Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens is the only public garden in the continental United States fronting directly on the ocean. You and your wedding party will be treated to manicured formal gardens, a dense coastal pine forest, fern-covered canyons and flower-filled coastal bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Gardens can accommodate small weddings (maximum 175 people). Call 707-964-4352 for further information. 

Get married by train! A great attraction in the area is the Skunk Train, which travels from Fort Bragg through the redwoods. You can reserve either the entire train or just one car for a wedding trip to a remote, romantic venue among the redwoods for your wedding ceremony. Their phone number is 530-666-6781.

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