Get Married in New York City!

New York City Weddings

Nearly 40 million tourists from around the world visit New York City every year. What they find is a bustling metropolis, dense with museums, parks, theaters, shops, famous buildings and inhabitants as diverse as themselves. It's not wonder New York City is also a destination for couples to elope or have formal weddings.

The marriage license office is located at the City Clerk’s office, 2nd Floor, at the Manhattan Municipal Building (across from City Hall) and is open Monday through Friday. The fee for the license is $30; it is valid for 60 days. Both parties must appear together. Keep in mind that there is a 24 hour waiting period after the license is issued before a couple may be married. Documents to present at time of application must include: photo identification, birth certificate or passport and divorce papers, if applicable.

Where are some of the venues you might consider for your New York City wedding?

New York City Weddings - Carnegie Hall

For over 100 years, Carnegie Hall, located just off the corner of 57th St and 7th Avenue in Manhattan, has been the mutual destination of musicians seeking the highest level of their profession and those who want to experience their efforts. The main hall is the main attraction. Enormously tall, visitors can climb as many 105 steps to the top. Elevators exist for the less hardy.

But, concerts aren't the only function of Carnegie Hall. The banquet spaces of Carnegie Hall are available for you wedding event, whether you're having an intimate wedding for a few guests or a gala wedding for hundreds. Catering for your wedding is by Restaurant Associates under the direction of Executive Chef Deirdre Devoy. Call their event planning team at 212-903-9647.

New York City Weddings - Central Park

Completed in 1873, Central Park is among the world's great urban innovations. Bound by 5th and 8th avenues on the east and west respectively, and from 59th Street on the south, 110th Street on the north, these 843 acres encompass a lot to see and do, including serving as a venue for your wedding or elopement. With two skating rinks, horseback riding, bicycle trails, sculptures, lakes and bird watching opportunities, you guests will certainly have much to keep them occupied before and after the ceremony.

One popular wedding spot in Central Park is the Conservatory Garden, located at 5th Ave. and 105th St., where you'll find a huge collection of flowers and shrubs in bloom from early Spring to late Fall. Another spot is the Boathouse Restaurant, located in the middle of Central Park, right on the lake. In fact, it's the only place in Manhattan where you can host any affair right by the lake. In addition to a great location for a wedding, you can rent rowboats or take a ride in a gondola.

Other locations in Central Park that make great wedding venues include Cherry Hill, The Pond, Bow Bridge, Shakespeare Garden, Cedar Hill and East Green. There is a permit fee for getting married in Central Park. For information, call the Special Events & Permits Office of the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation at 212-408-0226.

New York Weddings - The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building in mid-town Manhattan has justifiably been called the eighth wonder of the world. No longer the tallest building in the world, it remains one of the largest office buildings and is currently the tallest in New York at 102 stories. It occupies a city block at 5th Avenue between 33rd and 34th Street, but can be seen from several blocks away (or several miles, at higher elevations). Art Deco in style, the building houses a visitor's museum in the lobby and a viewing platform near the top.

At the 86th floor, on one of the frequent clear days, a visitor can stand on the outdoor platform over 1,000 feet above the street. From there he or she can see the Statue of Liberty off the southern tip of the island, or all the way up to the top of Central Park at 110th Street. No wonder couples wish to be married in the Empire State Building. However, according to the official website of the Empire State Building, wedding ceremonies are only allowed on Valentine's Day, and limited to 14 couples. How can you be one of the lucky couples? You must submit a romantic letter which describes how you met and why you wish to get married in the Empire State Building. The winning couples will be notified approximately two weeks after the deadline date of November 30. Remember to include first and last names of the couple, phone number to contact each person, and a complete mailing address.

You are urged to send your letters by fax to 212-760-1418 or by mail to Ms. L.A. Ruth, 350 Fifth Ave., #3210, New York, NY 10118. (Another page of the official website has the contact name of Tricia J. Dempsey. You might wish to call 212-736-3100 for the most up to date information about weddings on Valentine's Day.)

There is a company called Ultimate USA Weddings with a private room on the fifty-fifth floor of the Empire State Building, available for small, intimate weddings or eloping. Call 212-563-3525 for information on this option.

New York City Weddings - Cruise in New York Harbor

Marco Polo Cruises has two boats, "the Temptress" and "The Half Moon" available for your wedding, where you can get married with New York Harbor as your backdrop. Sail under the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queensboro bridges, past Governor's Island, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Chelsea Piers.

The minimum number for the "Half Moon" is 50, while the minimum for "The Temptress" is 100. You can call Marco Polo Cruises at 212-691-6693 for more information.

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