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Maui Destination Weddings

Maui is home to awesome beaches and wonderful resorts. Beaches of note on Maui include Makena Cove, Wailea and Ka'anapali.

But, beach weddings aren't the only game in town on Maui.  Numerous businesses cater to the couple seeking an unusual way to exchange vows, from kayak weddings to scuba diving weddings to a wedding in a submarine.

Scuba Weddings (808-280-2510) takes couples to dive sites off the Maui coast. Brides look stunning in white wetsuits and net veil, while the dashing groom wears a tuxedo-front T-shirt.  These are definitely wedding photos everyone will want to see. 

Submarine Weddings in Maui can be arranged by calling Hawaiian Island Weddings at 800-368-5502.

There are also many splendid resorts on Maui which offer fabulous wedding photo opportunities, including: The Grand Wailea (Wailea) - with many gazebos onsite which make for elegant wedding photos. The Kea Lani (Makena) - a gazebo with two long flights of stairs (can you say "fabulous bride's entrance?"). Also included are fountains and many grassy areas. The Outrigger (Wailea) - outstanding scenery for incredible wedding photos. The Westin (Ka'anapali) - stunning gazebo, with waterfalls throughout the grounds.

Maui For Couples 

Author:  Chris Sutton 

If you are looking for a great romantic vacation idea, then look no further than Maui. You probably already know that there are many great places to see and things to do on this fabulous, romantic island. Just think about it; sun, sand and surf all with the one you love right by your side. What could be better?

Whether you are planning on proposing to your sweetie on a magical Maui getaway or having a Maui wedding or honeymoon, or just taking a much needed luxury vacation with the one you love, you can find accommodations and more on this great island. In fact, a Maui wedding or proposal package is probably more affordable than you may have thought.

With the beautiful, exotic scenery, it is no surprise why Maui is considered such a romantic place and the island has played up on that fact to give you even more reasons to love Maui. There are couple's resorts designed and tailored to meet the needs of couple just like you. The hotels are outfitted with larger beds, elegant bathrooms with Jacuzzi tubs and breathtaking views from the windows. You can order champagne or wine in your room and in some places; even meals specially prepared and brought to you.

If you are looking romance your sweetie in Maui, you might be wondering what different options you have and what you will do while on the island. All of Maui is beautiful and Hawaii itself is quite romantic but there are resources to help you make this trip extra special even if you are not a natural romancer.

Book a Couple's Package

There are couple's packages that include a ceremony for proposal, vows or renewal of your vows. Maui is a great location for newlyweds or those that have been together a lifetime. The scenery is beautiful and there are many different activities for you to take part in as a couple.

There are also packages that include dining, shows and more for couples to enjoy the full Maui experience together. If you are planning your couple's trip to Maui, one of the first things you might start looking for is the accommodations. You can look into a Maui travel package which will help you get everything you need in one lower, more affordable price. It's also easier when you know everything is included in a travel package, You can spend less time worrying about if you got everything covered and more time just enjoying each other.

If price is a concern for you, you will be happy to know that there are many Maui couple's packages that are very affordable and you can get all inclusive hotel and travel accommodations that meet your budget. However, to be sure you are getting what you want, you will want to ask your travel agent or planner questions about available packages before you select one to be sure it includes everything you need and want.

Booking everything in a package deal typically gets you a great price and it also ensures you don't forget anything important or wind up short at the last minute. The sooner in advance you can book your paradise trip, the better it will be for you as well. You have more time to try to get the best rates and more time to ensure you get a slot in the resort or hotel of your choice.

A Maui Wedding

If you decide you want to be married on the beautiful shores of Maui, there are many different options for you. You can book a wedding planner from Maui that specializes in weddings on the island and is also able to get you a great deal on your services and other needs. But even if you are planning the wedding without a wedding planner, there are many facilities and resources to help you. Join the millions of other happy couples that have been united on the magnificent Maui.

Package deals get you a traditional non-denominational Hawaiian wedding, a Luau and reception, a Hawaiian lei ceremony, assistance with your license and even your accommodations if needed. There are affordable package deals that literally cover all your wedding needs.

Some other vacation package ideas that are great for couples include the Indulgence Spa Getaway, Wellness Escape Spa, various romantic resorts and even the small bed and breakfast bungalows. You have so many places to choose from, you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

Choosing to get married or celebrate your honeymoon here in Maui is a guarantee you will make memories that will last a lifetime. It's also a fantastic destination choice for a second honeymoon or just a great couple's getaway. You can start planning your lover's retreat right away!

About the author:

Chris W. Sutton is president of Discount Travel Advisor, Inc. He started a Maui vacation travel site to give Maui vacation planners the tools needed to plan their Maui vacation. His website is located at Maui Vacation and Travel.

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