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Las Vegas Weddings - Elvis and All

A Las Vegas destination wedding can offer alot for you and, if you choose to bring them along for the fun, your guests.  You can choose a drive-thru wedding, an Elvis wedding, or a wedding away from the Strip, in the desert surrounding Las Vegas, or at Lake Mead. 

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While you have many choices of inexpensive Las Vegas Wedding Chapels, preferred by many eloping couples, there are many elegant places to choose as well. 

Elegant Ways to Say I do in Las Vegas

Author: Rebecca Johnson

Article: Las Vegas is known as the Wedding Capital of the World and is famous for it's wedding chapels, drive thru ceremonies and Elvis nuptials. Although these popular options are available, there are also numerous other ways to say I do in Las Vegas. Many hotels, resorts, and other locations in the Las Vegas area offer some very elegant and breathtaking wedding sites.

Lake Las Vegas is quickly becoming a very popular destination for weddings in the Las Vegas area. Located about 17 miles from the famous Strip, this stunning lake location offers ritzy resorts and amazing views of the mountains, desert, and Vegas skyline. There are many wedding venues to choose from at Lake Las Vegas.

The Ritz Carlton Lake Las Vegas offers several including a cobblestone courtyard in a garden and a lakeside location with a bridge and gazebo. They also have a beach venue which provides a waterfall, bridge and a dock in a lagoon which acts as the altar.

The MonteLago Village Resort Lake Las Vegas also has several wedding sites to choose from. A balcony in a hotel suite, a gazebo, and golf course locations are just a few of the wedding settings offered there. Another great option they offer are yacht weddings on Lake Las Vegas.

The Wedding Company of Las Vegas offers a wedding package that offers a gondola wedding on Lake Las Vegas and includes helicopter transportation to and from the wedding as well as a helicopter tour of the Las Vegas lights.

Las Vegas is home to many top notch golf courses and country clubs which also provide amazing wedding sites. At Siena Golf Club, you can have your ceremony on their lawn under a wedding arbor. You can then hold your reception in their clubhouse or community center which both offer wonderful views of the golf course, a lake, and the Las Vegas Strip.

Mount Charleston is another wonderful alternative for a wedding in the Las Vegas area. Located about a 45 minute drive from the Strip, this beautiful mountain locale offers not only cooler weather than the Valley but also stunning scenery. The Mount Charleston Hotel provides packages for wedding ceremonies and receptions. You can have your wedding ceremony outdoors with all the beauty of the mountain surrounding you. Receptions can also be arranged outside, or can be held inside the hotel.

Planning your Las Vegas wedding no longer means that you are limited just to wedding chapels, drive thru ceremonies, and Elvis. These are still great options but they are not for everybody. If you dreamed of something more extraordinary for you big day, Las Vegas provides you with plenty of options to consider.

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