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Great Smoky Mountain Wedding
Gatlinburg, Tennessee

How does a wedding in the heart of one of the most beautiful mountain settings in America sound to you?  You might want to consider getting married in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, dubbed the "wedding capital of the south."

Wedding ceremonies in Gatlinburg can range from formal affairs to a "hillbilly wedding."  You can be married in a chapel or in your own cabin.  Besides the beauty of the area, the prices can be quite reasonable. 

A "hillbilly wedding" costs just $75 to be married in your own rental cabin, or you can choose their rustic chapel, or choose another location in the area.  Call 865-436-3817 for more information on a "hillbilly wedding." 

Another local company offers simple weddings for just $99.  The ordained minister will come to your cabin, or you can choose a Smoky Mountain gazebo in a wooded setting adjacent to two small rock waterfalls .  Call 865-436-7782 for more information.

One of the newer wedding chapels in the area of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge is the Wedding Chapel at the Preserve Resort.  Opening in late summer, 2006, the chapel offers wedding ceremonies in the backdrop of the Great Smokies.  The Preserve Resort also has a great selection of cabins and villas for a very special honeymoon.  And, we're not talking rustic little shacks.  Most of these cabins come equipped with hot tubs, wide screen TVs, full kitchens, washer/dryers, etc.  Call 866-361-8439 for information about the wedding chapel or renting one of their beautiful cabins or villas.

Come discover why over 600,000 people chose to get married in Gatlinburg last year.

The Charm of a Gatlinburg Wedding

By Jason Gluckman

Nestled in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg’s romantic and beautiful outdoor scenery is perfect both for honeymoons and weddings. Hundreds of couples take their oaths in Gatlinburg each year, both in casual and formal settings. 

Indeed, the Smoky Mountains are such a popular wedding location that they have been dubbed as the wedding and honeymoon capital of the South. Couples typically choose to get married in either the Great Smoky Mountains National park, in a Gatlinburg wedding chapel, or in their own romantic Gatlinburg cabin. 

Many Gatlinburg wedding chapels have a traditional church atmosphere. The typical Gatlinburg wedding chapel is a beautiful white building with glass chandeliers, stained glass windows, and even gazebos and garden areas for outstanding photographs. Most chapels can accommodate 50 to 80 guests, with the costs of chapel wedding packages ranging from $300 to over $3,000. Receptions hosted by Gatlinburg wedding chapels can cost an additional $2,000 to $4,000. 

A private cabin wedding allows for a more customized and casual event. In addition, if guests, food, and photographers are minimized, such weddings are also highly economical. The cost of a minister for such a ceremony can cost as little as $99. Each year many sweethearts enjoy this thrill of a lifetime – a private wedding in their own romantic Gatlinburg cabin, complete with a hot tub, fireplace and stunning mountain views. 

In addition, several nearby attractions – such as Dollywood and Ripley’s Aquarium – make Gatlinburg an ideal place for an extended stay before and after the wedding. Whether the wedding party is just two sweethearts or a larger group of guests, Gatlinburg is an ideal vacation spot that combines romance with the rustic outdoors, as well as many opportunities for shopping, dining, and more. 

An unforgettable wedding experience awaits you, with wedding staff in Gatlinburg anxious to manage all of the details – from the photographer, minister, and lodging to the beauty make-over. Several wedding chapels and wedding service providers exist online to assist you with the entire planning process and the actual event.

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