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Connecticut Wedding

Connecticut offers lovely settings for weddings. Below are several venues you might want to consider: 

The Pavilion on Crystal Lake 

The Pavilion on Crystal Lake is located in Middletown, Connecticut. The ceremony gazebo offers a view of the lake, with many wonderful opportunities for formal wedding photographs. You may call (860) 347-7171 for more information. 

Gazebo Gardens 

Gazebo Gardens is located in Columbia, Connecticut, and includes beautiful garden settings at a reasonable price. You can rent the Gardens for your wedding, photographs and reception for $950. Photographer is not included. With your facilities rental you are provided with a cement dance floor, water and electricity, a pond, parking for 100 vehicles, including handicapped parking. You also receive use of the sand volleyball court and horseshoe pits. Call (860) 228-0244 for more information. 

Wickham Park 

Wickham Park in Manchester and East Hartford, Connecticut, has something for everyone. Wickham Park contains 250 acres of gardens, ponds, woodlands, sports facilities and picnic areas, and is a very popular spot for wedding ceremonies and wedding pictures. The Park has many different types of garden settings: the Lotus Garden, which features the Pagoda and a pond with a fountain; the Italian Shrine, which features stucco pillars, statues and plantings; the Oriental Garden, which features the Moon Bridge and Teahouse; the English Garden, one of their most formal gardens, and which has been designed so that areas of the garden are in bloom all season long; and the Cabin Garden, which is located at the highest point of the park, with a panoramic view of Hartford. 

Call (860) 528-0856 for reservation information. 

For more information on why you should consider Connecticut for your wedding destination, we provide the following: 

Connecticut: A Great Place To Have Your Wedding 

Author: Michael Brito 

If you are engaged and considering destinations to celebrate your wedding, Connecticut can provide many luxurious opportunities. For couples with families and friends in the Boston and New York City areas, historic Connecticut offers an attractive halfway point for guests to gather. If you reside in Connecticut, you know that your state offers nearly four centuries of rich American history, a lovely and romantic backdrop for any couple just starting out life together. 

With historic sites such as Mystic Seaport, Old Saybrook, and Yale University within its borders, the state of Connecticut has so much to offer visitors, particularly those seeking a colonial flavor or a New England touch with the luxury and long tradition of towns like: Greenwich, Westport , New Canaan, and Darien to name a few. Indeed, if you are planning a Connecticut wedding your choices for wedding venues are enormous and range from colonial era Congregational churches to 21st century state-of-the-art reception sites; as well as fabulous weddings on the water. Yes, the state's rich combination of modern highways and old post roads allows for visitors to go from historic site to modern setting within minutes, a perfect combination for couples seeking to blend city style with country grace.

Getting Started 

When planning a Connecticut wedding, it can seem somewhat overwhelming as to where to get started. Thanks to the internet, you have a world of helpful resources at your fingertips, information that can help you plan everything from finding a local floral designer, hiring a photographer, locating a church, and so much more. Indeed, you can save yourself plenty of time and money by doing much of the groundwork right online. Connecticut is also home to some of the countries top wedding planners so if you find you are short on time and long in the to-do list rest assured that they can guide you in the right direction without wasting your time or resources. 

Laying the Foundation 

If you live outside of the state, but want to take advantage of all that Connecticut has to offer, consider researching the various bed and breakfast inns scattered across the state. A bed and breakfast inn can be a charming and comfortable place for your guests to stay and, in many situations an inn can host a wedding right on their grounds. Your guests could enjoy the wonder of staying in a Georgian revival home or silk baron mansion while attending a ceremony held on an expansive lawn or inside of a formal English garden. 

If you are planning a larger wedding your guests could still stay in one of Connecticut's many historic inns while your ceremony is held underneath the majestic spire of an 18th century countryside church. Indeed, if it is a vintage feeling that you want, you could arrange to have a horse drawn carriage bring you and your espoused to the church and then onto the nearby mansion, castle or yacht club offering all of the modern amenities you desire. What a great way to enjoyably combine the best of the old with the finest of the new! 

Finalizing Plans 

Many couples are utilizing the internet well beyond simply searching for information. Indeed, savvy couples are creating complete web sites to help guests in so many ways. Your site, which can be hosted through companies who specialize in wedding planning, could include the following helpful information: 

* Directions to the wedding and receptions venues with detailed maps included. 

* Detailed Information about accommodations. If you strike a deal with an inn purveyor, you can instruct people to mention the "Smith party" in order to secure the best price. Your out of town guests may be delighted to stay an extra night or two in a historic bed and breakfast inn, especially if you made basic arrangements with the owner ahead of time to reserve rooms for your wedding guests. 

* Links to gift or bridal registries. You can make it easy on your guests by setting up detailed bridal directories at your favorite stores. Consider providing links on your web site to each store's online directory to make buying a gift as easy as a couple of clicks of the mouse. 

* Links to local sites. On your wedding site you could include several links to key local sites of interest. Share information about museums, parks, shopping, restaurants, entertainment and the arts, etc. 

* Say it with pictures. Yes, you can update your site after your honeymoon by including wedding and reception photographs, honeymoon pictures, and more. 

A Life Together 

Truly, your Connecticut wedding can easily combine New England elegance, colonial history, and modern conveniences together to form a rich and memorable tapestry. Take advantage of all that the Constitution state has to offer to you and your espoused by planning an event filled with all of the wonder that historic Connecticut has to offer.

About the author: If you are in need of a Connecticut Wedding Planner please visit: Michael Brito is an internet marketing consultant and freelance writer for small business.

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