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Chicago has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to destination wedding venues. Below is just a sampling of some of the unique “only in Chicago” wedding locations you might find interesting:

Chicago Weddings

The Cubby Bear Wrigleyville

Are you or your future spouse into baseball? Then a wedding or reception at the Cubby Bear might be up your alley (or, your ballpark, as the case may be). The Cubby Bear has been in existence since 1953, and is one of the most famous landmarks in Chicago.

What makes this a great wedding venue is The Wrigley Room, located on the second floor, with a spectacular view of the Wrigley Field marquis. With over 4,000 square feet of space, the Wrigley Room can accommodate groups up to 300. For information on booking a wedding, call (773) 327-1662, ext. 224.

Museum of Science and Industry

For a unique wedding venue in Chicago, consider the Museum of Science and Industry, located at 57th Street and Lake Shore Drive. The Museum of Science and Industry has so much to offer that it’s hard to know where to begin. You have your choice of numerous unique spaces within the Museum, such as the U-505 Exhibit, where your guests will have the opportunity to dine alongside a 252 ft. submarine. But not any submarine. This submarine was the only German submarine captured during WWII. Seating capacity is 120 guests.

Or, you might choose the Lagoon Area in the Museum’s South Portico, which features scenic views and a peaceful lagoon. Capacity is 650 guests.

Another space within the Museum is the Rotunda, which is a spectacular hall of marble, featuring a 120-ft. domed ceiling. The seated capacity in the Rotunda is 800 guests.

If you think a wedding at a museum would be dull, The Museum of Science and Industry is about to change your thinking. The Museum has several themed venues within their space which would make any wedding or reception stand out. These include:

“The Bronzeville Blues Club” – where you will discover Chicago’s musical roots. Entering through the Rotunda, guests will enter the “Brozeville Blues Club” awash in candles and blue lighting, dine in Creole inspired hors d’oeuvres, while enjoying the sounds of an authentic Blues Trio.

“Hollywood Canteen” – a recreation of The Hollywood Canteen, which opened its doors in 1942, and quickly became a hot spot for servicemen and Hollywood’s biggest names. Your guests will be welcomed into this recreation by a long red carpet, lined with red velvet ropes. Your wedding reception will be remembered for years to come!

You can find out more about this unique Chicago wedding location by calling (773) 753-2583.

Eloping in Chicago?

If a big wedding and reception’s not your thing, and you want a small, intimate gathering, or even just the two of you, you can still do it in style. How about getting married in a Tall Ship? What could be more romantic than getting married in a romantic yacht under the stars, or during the day, sailing off Chicago, the city in the distance as your backdrop! Call Lakeshore Sail Charters (which operates the Red Witch) to inquire about their wedding packages - (312) 404-5800.

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Chicago Wedding Reception

Author: Randy Wilson

There are two major events that you have to plan on your wedding day: an unforgettable wedding ceremony and a fun-filled wedding reception. No matter how important the wedding ceremony is, there is also a need to provide full attention to your wedding reception in order for a perfect wedding memory. In fact with all the available options for you in Chicago, your dream wedding will be a blast. Chicago is indeed the best place for you to find the best hotels, restaurants and reception halls.

For instance, the Galleria Marchetti, which is located just minutes from downtown Chicago, incorporates in interior design of a contemporary Milanese-style gallery space. On the outside, you can experience a wonderful urban courtyard with lovely pavilion surroundings. This is definitely Chicago's most special and beautiful place for private entertainment and celebration. In fact, Galleria Marchetti is well known for its beautiful secluded atmosphere and delicious Italian cuisine. Apart from that, it can also accommodate weddings with 25 to 500 guests.

If you are looking for a venue in the city, The Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Chicago is an excellent place for a Chicago wedding reception. Located in the heart of Chicago's Magnificent Mile and the River North dining and entertainment area, just two blocks from North Michigan Avenue, the Hilton Garden Inn offers you upscale décor and a boutique-style lobby of comfortable elegance. This is great for guests to linger around before the celebration officially starts.

Another excellent wedding reception venue would be the Chicago Midway Hotel Center. This is the perfect venue for out-of-town and local Chicago wedding receptions as it is conveniently located two blocks from Midway Airport and eight miles from Chicago downtown. Apart from that, this hotel provides a host of transportation options - including a complimentary airport shuttle as well as elegant facilities. Additionally, the hotel offers award-winning culinary catering, personalized menu options, assistance in event planning and state-of-the-art audiovisual technology. You can even host your wedding reception till late as accommodation is never a problem with advanced bookings.

As Chicago is the city for professional entertainers, you can even engage a great band to host your wedding reception night! One of Chicago's famous bands is The Dan Hayes Orchestra which has been around since 1982. They perform annually for many functions and are especially a hit for Chicago wedding reception functions. From Motown to R&B to Rock n' Roll to disco and contemporary hits, they are multi-talented in a wide rang of music. This will provide your guests with unforgettable entertainment as statistics have shown that most wedding guests have a greater memory of enjoyable music as compared to food or interior design.

Most importantly, be sure to book your dream venue as early as possible because popular reception sites get booked up fast. You may even need as much as a year and a half in advance for Chicago wedding reception bookings. Start planning for your dream wedding today so that you can host a memorable night of celebration that everyone will remember!

© Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved

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