Get Married/Elope in California!

California Destination Weddings 

California is such a rich state in which to get married, whether you're eloping with just the two of you, planning a small destination wedding or "weddingmoon," or planning an elaborate wedding with hundreds of guests.

Where in California might you like to elope or have your wedding?

California Beach Weddings:

Again, there's a plethora of beaches in California, but a few beaches perfect for an elopement ceremony or even larger wedding include: Huntington City Beach, Solana Beach, La Jolla Cove, Laguna Beach, Malibu and Ventura San Buenaventura State Beach. We have specific information about weddings at all those beaches on our page of Southern California Weddings.

Another beach city you might consider is San Juan Capistrano, which we feature on our California Weddings Blog at  San Juan Capistrano Wedding.

If you like rugged coasts and lighthouses, consider Point Arena in Northern California, south of Mendocino. The Point Arena Lighthouse is one of the tallest lighthouses in California at 115-ft tall, and the view is probably the best you'll ever have along the coast. You can even honeymoon overnight in one of the Keeper Quarters, and wake up as husband and wife to spectacular ocean views. For more information about having your wedding at the Point Arena lighthouse you can email 

Weddings at California Wineries: 

California has numerous wine appellations to choose from, including the well-known appellations of Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley. But, there are other beautiful wine-producing areas of California you might also like to consider, including Temecula in Southern California and the wine producing appellations in Santa Barbara County.

You can go to our page on California Winery Weddings for some specific wineries you might want to consider, as well as our blog on California Weddings, where you'll find some information about winery weddings in Paso Robles. While many automatically think of Napa Valley when they think California wines, it turns out that Paso Robles is California’s fastest growing wine region, with nearly 26,000 vineyard acres and more than 170 wineries within a 40-mile territory. Not only that, but it's a beautiful area to boot. And, you avoid the crowds of Napa Valley.

As mentioned in our blog, you can have a cheap, but fun wedding in Paso Robles by renting a trolley car which takes 20 people around to 5 different wineries for tastings. The tours start at $65 per person, which, when you calculate it, can be a fun, relatively inexpensive wedding experience. They say they do weddings, so go to for more information.

Another winery tour wedding you might like is the Napa Valley Wine Train, a three-hour round-trip rail and gourmet dining adventure from the town of Napa to St. Helena. This trip is more expensive than the trolley in Paso Robles, but would be perfect for the eloping couple who loves wine and wineries. While on board, you can be treated to views of vineyards and wineries from restored train cars dating back to 1915-1947. Wineries you will pass by include such labels as Trefethen, Clos du Val, Cardinale, Domaine Chandon, Neibaum/Coppola and Grgich Hills. The Train also has a couple additional winery tours you can arrange.

You have your choice of three dining car experiences: the Vista Dome is a glass-domed rail car which can seat groups up to 56; the Silverado Grill is a casual dining car with sliding windows, which can seat groups up to 54; one of the Gourmet Express Pullman dining cars from 1915 - 1917. If you have a large wedding party you can charter the Gourmet Express, Vista Dome and Silverado Grill for up to 370 people. For Group information, call 707-253-0920. 

Socal Weddings: 

Along with beaches and the wine-producing region of Temecula, there are some great cities in Southern California you might consider, such as Santa Monica, Malibu, Los Angeles, and San Diego, as well as attractions such as Disneyland. Yes, you can get married at Disneyland. We have more information on some of these fabulous Southern California wedding locations on our page of Southern California Destination Weddings.

In addition to the locations we feature on our Southern California Weddings page, you might also be interested in having your wedding aboard the Queen Mary, the former ocean liner which is now a tourist attraction and hotel in Southern California. You can have a wedding in their Wedding Chapel or on the Sun Deck Stage which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. You can also extend your stay by honeymooning in one of the Queen Mary's 365 Art Deco staterooms. You can call them at 562-435-3511 for more information.

Weddings in Northern California:

In addition to the wine regions of Northern California, Northern California is also blessed with one of the most romantic cities in America - San Francisco. If you want a quick, easy and cheap elopement, have your wedding at the San Francisco City Hall and spend your honeymoon enjoying all that that San Francisco and the surrounding area has to offer: great food, wineries, San Francisco Bay tours, hiking Mt. Tamalpais, etc. We have more information on the San Francisco area, as well as other Northern California wedding spots inside at Northern California Weddings.

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