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What is a Destination Wedding?

A  destination wedding is known by many things:  location wedding, eloping, elopement wedding, and weddingmoon (get it, wedding plus honeymoon all at once?)  You can really make a destination wedding anything you want, from a simple eloping ceremony between the two of you, to a small ceremony in a romantic destination with family and a few friends, to a more elaborate, large destination wedding with extended family and many friends. 

Where are the best places to get married? 

Again, that's the beauty of eloping or having a destination wedding - it's what suits you.  You might be the type who love beach weddings, or Fall weddings in New England, or weddings on the top of a ski slope in Colorado.

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Fall Wedding Destinations is here to give you ideas on where to tie the knot.

You might want to have your destination wedding in a location which has appeared on "best of" lists.

"Best Places to Get Married" according to an MSN "best of" series:

Central Park - New York, N.Y.
Chapel of Love - Bloomington, Minn.
Columbia Gorge Hotel - Hood River Oregon
Disneyland - Anaheim, Calif.
Empire State Building - New York, N.Y.
Graceland Wedding Chapel - Las Vegas
Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel - Las Vegas, Nev.
Palace of Fine Arts - San Francisco.
Philadelphia Zoo - Philadelphia, Pa.
Westin Beach Resort - Key Largo Fla.

For those looking to have a "weddingmoon" (eloping), you might want to look at places which have topped honeymoon lists:

Top 10 List on the Ten Best Honeymoon Destinations Around the World, according to National Geographic

1. Paris, France
2. Rome, Italy
3. Venice, Italy
4. Bahamas
5. Florence, Italy
6. Sydney, Australia
7. London, England
8. Tahiti
9. French Riviera
10. Fiji

Top 10 List on the Ten Best U.S. Honeymoon Destinations, according to National Geographic:

1. Hawaii
2. New York City
3. San Francisco
4. Miami
5. Las Vegas
6. New Orleans
7. Aspen
8. Lake Tahoe
9. Martha's Vineyard
10. Napa Valley

We at have our own lists, one of which is our "Top 5 Beach Wedding Locations"

1. Cancun - Mexico
2. Mount Desert Island - Maine
3. Cape Breton - Nova Scotia
4. Vancouver Island - British Columbia
5. St. Thomas - US Virgin Islands

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